Stand With Ukraine!

The unprovoked Russian aggression against Ukraine must be counter acted. This is not only important for Ukraine, but all freedom loving people of the world!

Today Ukraine – Tomorrow our homeland!

The answer is to help Ukrainians and Ukraine in every way possible. Every act counts – small or big.

This is the response Putin and other dictators do not expect, simply because empathy is unknown to them. This is our strength and together we can win over the evil.

Therefore your help is much needed and appreciated, whether this be donating warm clothes, an old wood-burning stove, warm boots or contributing to larger donations for power generators or 4 wheel pick-ups!

DR Klip 18-Feb-2023

Mette Frederiksen: ‘Moldova kan være det næste land på Putins liste’

DR Klip 18-Feb-2023

Mette Frederiksen: ‘Rusland vil ikke freden’